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Umbreen Fahd

Umbreen Fahd


I am a licensed psychologist, Masters in Clinical Psychology & MS Neuro Psychology


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I live alone at my home. My parents passed away and my siblings are married, one sister is abroad with her husband and kids and brother is living in other city with his family. Daily at night time when I went to sleep I was feeling that some super natural creatures are living in my room, when I go to sleep they come neat my bed, scratch my feets and my hands with their nails. I was so upset and disturbed, they were large in numbers and disturbing me a lot...sometimes they try to lift and twist my bed, someone told me about agpcl, I booked my appointment with a ray of hope...I started taking my treatment from agpcl, after few appointments I didn’t feel their presence in my room and now I am all right. I am very thankful to agpcl... to give me a hand for coming out from deep black whole of negative thoughts and fear from para creatures...I strongly recommend to my family and friends to visit agpcl if they have some psychological problems and want to treat their mental illnesses very soon...

Social Worker


I was suffering from sever PTSD and sever phobia of traveling by air, but after taking my treatment from agpcl I am feeling positive change and energy in myself and I developed interest in my family my business and started taking care of myself too...I am really thankful to Psychologist Mrs.Umbreen Fahd for providing me best services of her profession.



I am a painter by profession. I was in severe depression due to break up,have been in continuously suicidal thoughts but thanks... God I met with Psychologist Umbreen Fahd and took psychotherapy from her, I felt positive change in me after taking all of required sessions.Now I am alright got married having kids and enjoying my life😇❤️



I was facing sever painic attacks, and have lost my interest in studies and school. Because I changed my school and got separated from my best friends. I lost my interest in studies and stopped talking and sharing my feelings with my family. I have been preferring to sit alone for hours and days at home. I have been missing my classes and remained absent from schools for weeks and months, someone told to my mother about agpcl and psychologist Mrs.Umbreen, my mother took my appointment with her. At initial 1st and second sessions I was little bit reluctant to go for taking sessions, but her way of behaving with patients and rapport building was awesome...I started to go for session with interest and after my few sessions from her I started to take interest in my school and studies and started to go school regularly. Me,my mother my teachers and my all family was very happy on this positive and productive change in me and we all are very thankful to agpcl and Psychologist Umbreen fahd.

Under graduate Student


I was facing paining attacks with severe anxiety and depression. I heard about Psychotherapist Umbreen Fahd I went to her clinic and took treatment from her, I saw wonderful change in my daily routine life..., I am very thankful to her for treating me with her zeal and enthusiastic efforts and skills. All of my psychological problems gone away after taking all sessions. I really appreciate and recommend my near and dears to go her clinic if they want to get ride from their psychological disorders permanently...

Computer Teacher in High School


I was suffering from severe depression from last 5 years, have been taking medications but not permanently cured. I was so much upset and had weeping spells with loss of energy, restlessness and was feeling difficulty to perform my daily routine work at my school,college and home. One of my colleague told me about agpcl, I called and took my appointment asap, I met with psychologist Umbreen Fahd, I was very hopeful after first meeting, her way of treating with patients is awesome, I took my all necessary sessions from her regularly with follow up sessions. My depression, and anxiety were gone after all sessions & follow up session. Honestly at first session of assessment when I came to agpcl I was weeping very badly due to my disturbed mental conditions but at my last follow up session I was so happy and was smiling and laughing with full of life, I was feeling that I blessed with new happy life. I strongly recommend her clinic to my friends family and colleagues and have a lot of heartiest prayers for her....

Principal in Federal School and College


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